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crookedbow-tie-deactivated20140 asked:

Whatcha think? I was lurking and apparently Mellie fans want Fitz off the show?! Next, they'll want Olivia off of her own show. Post racial Murrica. Black girl winning is too much for some.


Interesting, crookedbow-tie. As you know, I don’t spend much time talking about Scandal anymore. However, occasionally, I do make a comment and your ask made me laugh.

It’s funny to me that some Mellie fans want Fitz off the show (and I wouldn’t be surprised if these same people would want Olivia to go. Can’t have a black woman being  BAMF and running shit and being desirable, etc etc.). What the fuck is there for Mellie to do without Fitz being on the show? Without him, she can’t grit her teeth, speechify or yell ineffectually. She can’t keep up her “woe is me, I gave you everything” bullshit if he wasn’t there.

Do you remember 2.10? In that episode Mellie pretty much said that she’s nothing without Fitz. And, in that episode, we all saw that without Fitz as the President, Mellie nor Cyrus have any purpose (in life or on the show). We saw that even if Fitz died, Liv would go on (perhaps heartbroken), but she has (or had, back then) her business and gladiators. Without Fitz there’s no reason for Mellie to be on the show. Period. You think Olivia is gonna run to the WH to help Mellie Millicent Melody? FOH.

Not to question a person’s intelligence (but I’m going to do it anyway), but this just shows me that those who think this aren’t too bright…

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